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So much has happened during these past few weeks… still processing…

While we pray and ponder the future, how long it will be until we see our newest daughter, how long until she finally comes home to stay… today I choose to have joy in the midst of waiting.

And I choose to listen to some fun music.

This is from one of my favorite bands out there, MercyMe.  You’ve gotta love when folks with talent let loose like this.  Apparently they shoot these “cover tune grab bag” songs backstage before concerts.  So fun!

Enjoy.  🙂


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The Toothless Wonder

Somehow, the past several weeks of crazy disobedience/definance/outright nastiness goes right out the window, forgotten at least for a moment, when I see this grin:

I am convinced God knew six year-old boys would get on their momma’s last nerve, so He timed the losing of teeth JUST right so that even during these trying times, said mommas couldn’t help but smile at their toothless wonders.

He drives me crazy sometimes, but I sure love that kid.  🙂

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