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Spring Teeball 2011

Absent some breaking adoption news, I’m going to try to do several photo-heavy posts to update our family and friends on some of the fun we’ve been having out here in the wild west.

So, let’s start with teeball!

Bryan coached both boys this spring in the kindergarten YMCA league (we moved Bode up so Bryan could coach both for at least this year).

Here are some of the highlights:

Coach Daddy with the boys in ready position... "hey batter batter!"

Jonah reaching for the ball at first base... great effort!

Bode mixing sports... striking the Heisman pose in his wind-up! 🙂

When Annie isn't trying to head out onto the field to join Daddy, I can usually keep her occupied with drawing and coloring!

This was Bry’s third coaching season, and he keeps getting rave reviews from parents.  I’m so proud of the way he works so hard to teach and coach all the boys!

Coach Daddy (with team mascot Annie) talking to his team about the game...

Jonah and Bode with their team, cheering on their teammates while waiting for their turn to bat

Good game!

I couldn’t be happier about Jonah and Bode working as teammates this year, and their hard work paid off!  At the end of the season’s pizza party, Jonah was awarded the “slugger” award (for the biggest hits) and Bode received the “best coach’s helper” award for always being at Coach Daddy’s side, ready to assist!

My precious teeball-playing sons! Love them!! 🙂


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I know, I’m getting really terrible at this blogging thing.

To tell you the truth, we were feeling rather discouraged over here for several weeks… there was no real wait list movement, everything in our house seemed to be breaking at the same time, Bryan wasn’t getting paid (actually, STILL isn’t) for his second job that he’s practically killing himself doing, and we were turned down for an adoption grant.  We were exhausted, both physically and emotionally, and we had absolutely NO idea where the money was coming from for this adoption.  None whatsoever.

But… God shows Himself perhaps most visibly during these times.

A couple of weeks ago, we received two anonymous donations to support our effort to bring Baby E home, enough to completely cover our referral fees and the plane tickets to bring our daughter home after Embassy.

🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

We were floored, to put it simply… overwhelmed with gratitude toward the God who has reminded us again and again that this journey is about Him and Him alone.   About our trust in His provision, about His plan to bring the fatherless into families.

(And to those families, in case you’re reading, we are thankful you followed God’s leading and gave so generously!  Saying “thank you” is such a huge understatement!)

We now have only to raise additional travel expenses for the court trip and hotel/food for the Embassy trip, to the tune of $6-7,000 total (depending on air fare).  We are hoping and praying that some of that comes from Bryan’s second job… but no matter what, we are confident that the God who has provided funding like manna from Heaven thus far will bring this process to 100% fruition, whether through my husband’s efforts at work or from other sources.  Speaking of which, anyone out there have frequent flyer miles laying around?  🙂

And meanwhile… we have moved a TON on the wait list, particularly during these last few days!  We now stand at #18 on the infant girl list.  Taking into account the eight families currently on hold ahead of us (for reasons ranging from pregnancy to financial concerns, etc), we are “unofficially” at #10.

Yep, you heard me.  🙂

We are prayerfully hoping that we receive our referral within the next few months, as our anniversary on the wait list is coming up in early August.

If you think about it, please pray with us for God to bring us to our baby girl in His perfect timing, and for Him to hold our daughter and her birth family in His loving care… filling them with the comfort and peace only He can provide as they make the heart-wrenching decisions to come.  It is a paradox, such joy and sadness intermingled over the life of one precious little girl.  Yet God brings beauty out of ashes… and I am just thankful that He chose us to be a part of creating her beautiful story, a story we can’t yet read but is already being written by His loving Hand.

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