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Dinner Conversation

(some insight as to why the blog has been ignored of late)

Tonight at dinner:

Bode (age 4):  “Mommy, you and Annie will be sleeping by YOURSELVES this weekend because the BOYS are going camping.”

Mommy:  “I’ll be sad not to sleep with Daddy, kiddo… wouldn’t you be sad if you couldn’t sleep with Jonah?”

Bode:  “Oh YES.  I LOVE sleeping with Jonah!”

Mommy:  “Do you think Annie will like sharing her room with Baby E, like you share a room with Jonah?”

Bode:  “Oh YES.  Um… Mommy?  (excitedly) Is Baby E finally coming home on Sunday?”

Mommy:  “(sigh) Not this Sunday, baby.”

Bode:  (annoyed) “Is she EVER coming home?”

Mommy:  “(sigh) Someday… Lord willing… (sigh).” (Mommy looks at Daddy then excuses herself from the table to avoid crying in front of everyone)

* * * * *

We’re still #12 (unoffically #4).

There’s still no word.  From anyone.  About anything.

UNIC*F sucks.  Don’t even get me started.

The end.


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